6 Ways Focusing on Your Style Is a Form of Self Care

Did you know that something as simple as focusing on your style is a form of self care? Read these six tips to self care by paying attention to your style.

When most people think of self care, they inevitably think about face masks, candlelit bubble baths, journaling and reading self help books.

While all of these can be incredibly therapeutic, sometimes people neglect to think about their closet and their style. Your style is a form of self care and getting a grasp on this aspect of your life will give you the confidence to approach each day with a smile.

Hi everyone, I’m Lucy.  Here are six ways that focusing on your style is a form of self-care and will help you to feel more of your individual worth.

Cleaning Your Closet for Self Care

After a big meal, you clean the kitchen, the same way you dust a countertop or freshen up a bathroom. Why is it that we keep dresses that haven’t been worn for 5 years in our closet?

By cleaning out the closet, we can feel less cluttered and more in control of our lives and our possessions. Sometimes giving this area of your life a refresh is all it takes to make you feel lighter. Adjusting your closet to your current style is definitely a form of self care.

Instead of discarding old clothes, try to sell them to a consignment shop or give them away to give them a new life.

Style Is a Form of Self Care

Trying New Outfits to Find Your Style

We sometimes get stuck in our day to day routines of making food, going to work and running errands. It’s hard to switch up daily activities when we have responsibilities, but switching our outfits could not be easier.

Try that off the shoulder top that’s on sale, mix patterns and throw on a hat. Fashion is meant to be fun and experiential. Look to your Pinterest boards, most stylish friend, and shop window mannequins for inspiration, but don’t be afraid to deviate and find what works for you.

To find even more inspiration, subscribe to fashion bloggers that really speak to you. I provide fashion tips and outfit inspiration on my blog. It’s a great way to focus on your style as part of your self care routine.

Going Shopping For Your Style

Retail therapy, anyone? I do not believe in having a bad day then blowing tons of money on clothing for the sake of feeling better.  You need to make sure you’re living within your means!

There is something though that is very calming, spending a Tuesday evening walking around your local shopping mall. You can treat yourself to an ice cream then window shop.

If you have a favorite store, go inside and see what new pieces are coming into style. Try some things on, spend time with yourself and enjoy each store’s unique environment. There is something very therapeutic about perfect jean walls and soft piles of sweaters.

Style Is a Form of Self Care

Alter Your Clothes to Meet Your Style

This goes beyond the traditional sense of getting a pair of pants hemmed. I’m speaking of really altering old clothing and turning it into something new.

You can follow a DIY video or let your creative juices flow. Turn old jeans into shorts, add lace to the sleeves of an old T-shirt or turn a basic tank top into a graphic tank with some stencils and paint markers.

You could even have a family Project Runway night, where you see who can make the coolest fashion statement with a plain white T-shirt. Self care is fostering your creativity whenever possible and style is an easy medium to do so.

Altering your clothes also helps you to live more frugally and stay in your budget.

Style Is a Form of Self Care

Playing Dress Up With Your Kids for Self Care

Self care does not have to and should not be alone if you are an extrovert. Try on a diffferent style with your children and ask their opinions about certain color combinations and patterns. Let them dress you, then laugh together if they create something that clashes or is way too tight.

This is one of the best ways to entertain your children for free.

After, let them make their favorite outfits, then you dress them. You can do this in your home or take them shopping with you. Not only will this be time for you to bond with them, but it will allow them to start developing their own style and identity in a game like setting.

Style Is a Form of Self Care

Ask For Help with Your Style and Self Care

If you’re going day in, day out not enjoying the way you are wearing your clothes, playing around with style can feel like a chore rather than self care. Being vulnerable and asking a trusted friend or professional stylist for help can ease your frustrations.

Clothing can be complicated and sometimes a second set of eyes can help you see what outfits look great on you, even if you are quick to dismiss them.

The topic of fashion can bring out many insecurities and having someone who cares about you, join you on the journey can help you feel supported. Creating these bonds with people and realizing you don’t have to do everything on your own will liberate you.

About the Author of Style as a Form of Self Care

My name is Lucy and I work as a Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper. My personal philosophy is that fashion is for anybody, regardless of what you look like or how much money you have. When you look good, you feel good and everybody deserves that.   I also run the blog www.wanderlustwardrobe.com, which focuses on fashion and travel. I also love to read, try new recipes and go hiking.   If you’ve been struggling to find your style, you can contact me here.  Together we can talk about your fashion goals and get you to a point where getting dressed in the morning is your favorite part of the day

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Style Is a Form of Self Care

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