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DIY Father’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make as Gifts

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Celebrate Father’s Day with these 21 Father’s Day Crafts that kids can make as gifts.  These Father’s Day gift ideas from kids are DIY crafts that are easy enough for even toddlers to make and make perfect Father’s Day presents from either daughters or sons.

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Father’s Day Photo Tie Craft!

With Father’s Day right around the corner and school letting out, this is a perfect opportunity to entertain them with an activity as well as create a tie craft for the upcoming holiday.

#1 Dad Award

This year… give Dad the #1 Dad award. Get the kids involved so they can make dad this super cute (but frugal) Dad award for Father’s day.  Kids of all ages can make one. No matter how many kids you have they can get involved and make this super cute Father’s day craft and surprise Dad with this best Father award.

Clay Thumbprint Keychain

Do you need an easy gift for the kids to make for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or another special occasion? This DIY clay thumbprint keychain is perfect for anyone, and for a child of any age to make!

Father’s Day Candy Tie

This is a great craft idea to do with your kids, and all dads love it. A Father’s Day Candy Tie is a winner in this family. It will be a winner in yours too. In fact, we even made the M&M tie for Grandpa, and it’s his favorite.

DIY Father’s Day Hammer

We know that every father likes handmade gifts. In fact, they appreciate gifts that are practical and that can be put to good use. This Father’s Day, impress all the fathers in your life by offering them a gift from your heart – the DIY Father’s Day Hammer. So gather your children and your supplies, and get started now. It is a very simple project that should take you about an hour to make.

My Dad Is Special Because… Craft!

Father’s Day will be here in a few weeks and if you are looking for some gift inspiration, here is a craft that your kids will love to make for their Dad.  This can easily be customized to fit with your special Dad’s favorite things like sports or fishing.

Father’s Day Craft: Dad Rocks

This kids craft is perfect for Father’s Day and takes so little time! Simply paint “Dad Rocks” onto a stone for a paperweight for dads desk or table.

Father’s Day Keychain Craft

This Father’s Day keychain craft is so fun and so easy to make!  Shrinky dinks are always fun for kids to use.  These keychains make such a great handmade gift idea for dad & grandpa!

DIY Rock Trivet – Free Printable

One of the most stereotypical “dad jobs” is outdoor grilling during the summer.  However, sometimes it’s difficult when all the hot food comes into the house (especially if it’s too hot to sit outside and eat).  This Father’s Day rock trivet with a free printable is a sentimental way your child can get involved with dad’s grilling and solve the dilemma of needing somewhere to put all of the hot yummy food!

Personalised Handprint Bag

Personalised gifts make a great keepsake.  Presents made with using kids’ footprints or handprints make super cute personalised gifts.  This Handpring Bag is a practical gift that he’ll use again and again.

Black Glue Father’s Day Craft

Father’s Day is soon approaching.  Here’s a fantastic black glue father’s day craft idea which is super cute, fun and easy to make with little ones.   This would even make a fun classroom craft. How cute would these be to send home as a keepsake gift?

Paint Chip Tie Pen Holder

Looking for a fun and easy homemade Father’s Day craft gift you can make with the kids? These cute and easy hand made pencil holders are easy for kids to make and super cute too. Here’s how to make them.

Super Hero Father’s Day Craft Idea

This fun Super Hero Father’s Day Craft Idea is the perfect way for kids to show their father what an amazing superhero they think he is. Easy to make and a fun project that will be something they treasure forever!

Star Wars Father’s Day Explosion Box

This is a super simple craft for the kids to make and it’s perfect for any Star Wars fans out there.  Tip: This Star Wars box also has a little room in it, so it’s a great way to wrap up a little treat for dad or gift card for dad.

DIY Rock Garden | You Rock! Appreciation Gift

Nothing affirms appreciation like seeing “You Rock!” on your desk every day. Who wouldn’t want to get to work and be reminded of that each morning? What’s even better is that it’s coming from your kids. With this super simple, mess-free, kids DIY rock garden project you’ll be sending someone an adorable appreciation gift.

Candy Tackle Box

There’s more than one way to celebrate dad, but this one involves candy so it’s already a win. If you have a dad to surprise who enjoys late night sweets while watching Netflix before bed…you’re in luck! This idea is easy, affordable, and totally personalized!

Father’s Day Superhero Gift

Teachers if you need an Easy Father’s Day Gift For kids to make at School then look no further! Download these FREE Quick & Ever so Cute Superhero Dad Templates. They’ll help make Father’s Day in the Classroom A Breeze!

Dad -You Are My Sunshine Craft

Father’s Day will be here shortly and why not tell Dad just how AWESOME he is, by sending a little sunshine his way.  This Father’s Day Activity will be sure to brighten up Dad’s day, and your kids or child will get to create a craft that tells him just how special he is.

Superhero Coffee Mug and Candy Bar

Dads are the best. They take care of us. Protect us. Support us and even smile with gratitude, every time Father’s Day rolls around and we either give them an ugly necktie or keep them from sitting back and enjoying a game or two on television.  This year, why not give the pops in your life the kind of present that he can actually get a lot of use out of—a coffee mug and a candy bar?

DIY World’s Best Dad Trophy

Do you have a great dad in your life? How abut the World’s Best Dad? If you do (or if your kid does), you’ll probably want to make this DIY World’s Best Dad Trophy.  It’s really simple to make this Father’s Day craft and it is so super cute. You can personalize it the front of it to say whatever you like so it can really feel like your own.

“Hands Down Best Dad” Father’s Day Handprint Gift

Looking for the perfect gift to give to a father of young children?  Check out this amazing Hands Down Best Dad handprint gift!  Some canvas, a frame, and some paint – and instant perfect present for Dad this Father’s Day!

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And make sure you check out all of our other awesome Father’s Day ideas!

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