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Free Father’s Day Printables for Kids

Free printables make for an easy gift idea for children to give!  Kids and toddlers can choose from this list of free Father’s Day printables and give their dads a touching present this Father’s Day.

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Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids
Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Dad’s Toolbox – Free Father’s Day Printable

Shopping for Dad is always a bit tough.  Choose form these four different designs depending on your child’s dad’s interests.  Fill the toolbox with items that he’ll be sure to love!

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts: Candy Tackle Box

There’s more than one way to celebrate dad, but this one involves candy so it’s already a win. If you have a dad to surprise who enjoys late night sweets while watching Netflix before bed…you’re in luck! This idea is easy, affordable, and totally personalized!

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Fatherhood Survival Kit Perfect

Give dad something he really needs this Father’s day with this printable Fatherhood survival kit box. Fill it with things to help him keep his humor and sanity and he’ll be laughing all through out the day.

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Show Kindness to Dads Printable

Help your kids make their Father’s Day cards have even more meaning with this perfect poem that can also double as a card!  It’s also perfect for classroom teachers who are short on time but still want to send their students home with Father’s Day gifts.

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Father’s Day Printable Tie Gift

Package up a fun gift for dad with this Father’s Day printable. It’s an easy free printable gift wrap option for a tie!  It’s a bit of a cliche gift, but kids love seeing dad wear the ties they picked out for them!

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

FREE Printable All About Dad Survey

The most meaningful gifts for Father’s Day are ones that are in the children’s own words.  Help your kids fill out this survey about their dad.  They’ll either nail each answer, or it will be a humorous keepsake for years to come!  These look great in a frame or as a standalone print.

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Free Printable Coupon Book for Dad

Need a super quick and easy gift for dad from the kiddos? Father’s Day, birthday, etc, coupon books are a classic from-the-kids gift that kids have fun filling out for dad.  You can print out, cut up and let the kids fill out. If they are too young to write, they can draw pictures on each card. When the cards are finished, staple together or punch a hole in the corner and and stick the cards on a ring.

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Father’s Day Kids Interview Printable

This Father’s Day Kids Interview Printable is a fun activity for kids to do for their Dads for Father’s Day. Kids can fill out the questions, and an adult can print it out. It’s such a special keepsake and a great way for children to celebrate their fathers.

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

All About My Daddy Interview with FREE Printable!

You can download this FREE All About My Daddy Interview printable below for your own kiddo to give his/her daddy this Father’s Day! They’re only young and adorably innocent for a while, so capture the cuteness while you can. 🙂

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

Star Wars Father’s Day Explosion Box

This is a super simple craft for the kids to make and it’s perfect for any Star Wars fans out there.  Tip: This Star Wars box also has a little room in it, so it’s a great way to wrap up a little treat for dad or gift card for dad.

Father’s Day Hands Down Printable

Looking for a simple last minute Father’s Day Gift Idea?  Use this simple Hands Down Father’s Day printable and dip your kid’s hands into some pain for cute little handprints in the middle.  Get an inexpensive 8 x 10 picture frame from the dollar store and you have a really nice keepsake that dad is sure to love!

My Daddy and I Father’s Day Survey

Here’s a super cute My Daddy and I Father’s Day Survey!  It’s a very quick and simple way to make a great keepsake. The printable doesn’t require any special preparation, and you can fill it in within minutes.   This is also a great activity for dad’s birthday or any other day your kids want to show daddy some love.

Father’s Day Printable for Dad and Grandpa

This Father’s Day printable is so fun! You can download and print it out. Have all the kids fill them out and then give them to Dad. The answers will warm their hearts and might even make him laugh. Either way, it is such an easy and thoughtful Father’s Day gift idea that he is sure to love.  It also comes with a matching survey for Grandpa.

Father’s Day Questionnaire Printable

Everyone wants to find the perfect Father’s Day gift– appreciated, but not too expensive or labor intensive. It can also be tricky to strike a balance between thoughtful and cheesy. This Father’s Day Questionnaire Printable checks all the boxes. It’s easy, quick, cheap (the ink probably costs… 5 cents? I don’t know), and it makes an adorable Father’s Day Gift from kids.

Father's Day Word Search printable worksheet with 12 Father's Day themed vocabulary words to find. A fun kid's activity for the classroom or at home.

Father’s Day Word Search Printable

Word search puzzles are fun for kids to do, yet they also help to “exercise the brain” by building vocabulary, practicing spelling, and more.  This holiday word find would be a great classroom activity to help get the kids excited for the upcoming holiday. Or, use this worksheet as a fun little activity to have the kiddos do at home.

Father’s Day Printable Certificates for Dad, Grandpa and Uncle!

Your kids can enjoy preparing a frame for their dad, uncle, and/or grandpa with these Father’s Day Printable Certificates!  There are three cute designs to choose from, and it’s a great way to find an easy gift for the male role model in your child’s life.

Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Printable Gift From Kid

Help your kids tell Dad he’s the best Dad ever with this free Father’s Day Printable activity for kids! Let’s celebrate all the things we love about Dad and let him know he’s awesome! Use the Best Dad Ever Printable this Father’s Day to make Dad feel special.

Homemade Father’s Day Gift -Free Printables Necktie for bottles or cupcakes

Are you looking for a simple way to make Father’s Day special for the Dads in your life? Then check out these adorable free Father’s Day printables that make a great homemade Father’s Day Gift. It includes both necktie-shaped bottle tags and cupcake toppers.

There are four different tags.  Some are more elegant and some are more playful and you can choose which ones fit the Dads in your life. These are so easy to make that even the kids could help cut these out or help assemble them making them a great father’s day gift from kids. Plus, you probably already have most of the supplies to complete this project at home!

DIY Rock Trivet – Free Printable

One of the most stereotypical “dad jobs” is outdoor grilling during the summer.  However, sometimes it’s difficult when all the hot food comes into the house (especially if it’s too hot to sit outside and eat).  This Father’s Day rock trivet with a free printable is a sentimental way your child can get involved with dad’s grilling and solve the dilemma of needing somewhere to put all of the hot yummy food!

Nuts for Dad – free printable

Are you loFIoking for a cute gift for Dad? Here’s a free printable for a really easy father’s day gift idea. Dad will love this and it’s so cute too! Even better, it won’t break the bank.  Gather the kids and make this easy father’s day gift idea for Dad! All you need is a mason jar and Dad’s favorite nuts! Easy! Print out this free printable that says” We are nuts about you Dad” and he is going to love this gift.

All About My Grandpa Interview

This All About My Grandpa Interview for Kids would make a perfect gift any Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or even a birthday! It’s such a simple, humorous, and sentimental gift that any grandpa is sure to love.

Best of all, since it’s FREE, you can print out a copy every year and see how your kiddo’s answers change over the years!

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And make sure you check out all of our other awesome Father’s Day ideas!

Free Fathers Day Printables for Kids

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