34 Engaging Mason Jar Crafts for Kids That Spark Creativity

Explore the joy of mason jar crafts for kids! Keep your little ones entertained indoors with these easy DIY projects. From lanterns to snow globes, let creativity soar and fun abound at home!

Check out these easy DIY mason jar crafts that kids can do!

Mason jar crafts for kids are one of the best indoor activities you can do with your children. There are some days when you just require them to keep busy in the house.

Here in Houston, it’s extremely hot in the summer. We also have the occasional hurricane that comes through. During those times, we prefer to stay inside – but of course, that can be hard with young children who like to stay active and busy!

That’s why went went out and found a list of some of the easiest DIY mason jar crafts that our kids can do. You can only play so many LEGO games, and even though we only watch educational TV shows, we still like to limit how much screen time our kids get.

Since we homeschool the kids, we have a lot of hours in the day when we’re at home and want to stay busy having fun. Mason jar crafts are a great way to do that. Not only are they fun while you’re making them, but they also can provide hours of entertainment afterwards!

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Mason Jar Crafts for Kids

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